Making a Referral

You can make referrals to the RAISE - Thanet & Dover Domestic Abuse Interventions Team or to the Early Intervention & Prevention Team.

Please indicate the pathway you feel would be most appropriate. We will then work with the service user to determine what support will best suit their needs.


Adult Services

The RAISE Team offer a range of interventions. Pathways include Independent Domestic Violence Advisors (IDVAs) providing community support (non-high risk), MARAC support (high risk) or Court support (both family and criminal justice interventions), Refuge - short and longer term placements, group and 1-1 opportunities

Referrals must be password protected and sent to

or, if you have access to a CJSM account or other compatible system, via

Text the password to: 07718657160


Children and Young People

The Early Intervention & Prevention Team run several projects all with the aim of improving the lives of young people in our communities. Find out more here.

Please email the completed, password protected, referral form to:, and text the password to 07718657157 along with your name and the date of referral.

For Refuge referrals call 0808 20000 247, the 24-hour National Domestic Violence Freephone Helpline, who will help you find a refuge space.


Group Work

Oasis delivers group work in Thanet & Dover. ‘Phoenix’ and ‘The Freedom Programme’ aim to help victims of abuse understand the tactics used by abusers, it also works to build confidence and identify the local resources that can help.

Thanet: If you, or your client, would like to attend the group in Thanet please use the referral form on the right.

Dover: If you, or your client, would like to attend a group in Dover please use the referral link -

It is important that you have consent from your client to refer them to group work and that you have made them aware that their information will be held by the agencies facilitating the programmes.

County Wide Referral Pathways

For county-wide referrals for domestic abuse victims that have either had no DASH risk assessment or have scored 10 or under refer directly to Victim Support for assessment and triage on 0808 168 9276.

DASH score of 10+

DASH score 10-13

DASH score 14+