Episode 5 – Is this love? With Hanna

  • July 26, 2022

In episode 5 of the Oasis podcast, ‘Perspectives: Uncovering Domestic Abuse’, our young people’s mentor Jo talks with teenager Hanna, a young woman who we’ve supported through our mentoring service for young people. They speak candidly about what relationships are really like for young people today, with many experiencing toxic relationships at a young age.

In the last year, we’ve seen a 41% increase in referrals of young women aged 16-25 years to our high-risk service. We’re deeply saddened by this and the ongoing display of abusive behaviours on popular TV shows like #LoveIsland only serves to normalise these experiences. Toxic relationships CANNOT be the new normal. Please listen, share and help us support our young people – know the signs of a healthy relationship and how to signpost them to safety.

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