Christmas Wishes

Christmas Wishes for a Brighter Future

No one should feel unsafe in their own home, at Christmas or at any time of year. Help us to support more survivors of domestic abuse to build a brighter, safer, happier future in 2024.
Donate to our Christmas Wishes for a Brighter Future Appeal today and spread the season’s joy by giving the gift of hope.

How it works

  1. Make a donation to support people affected by domestic abuse. Every £ helps to save lives.
  2. Write your message of hope, inspiration or Christmas wishes for the survivors we support.
  3. We’ll share your messages with the people in our refuges and with our support groups. Some will feature on this page.

Give for a Brighter Future


can give a child a set of pyjamas as they arrive in refuge


can provide essential personal products for a parent in refuge


can pay for a counselling session for a child traumatised by abuse


can give sessions of support to an adult building their life after refuge


can pay for children in refuge to enjoy fun days out


Daniel's story

Daniel* was 10 years old when he arrived at an Oasis refuge with his mother and siblings, having left an abusive stepfather.

“My 10 months in the refuge were unforgettable. I owe all of the people I came across during my time there for the person I am today.

Jenny spent countless nights helping me prepare for the Kent Test and, once I got into grammar school, my homework. I am eternally grateful.”

*Name changed to protect identity. Photo is a representation and not the real person.

Your Christmas Wishes for survivors

Lisa's wish

“Wishing a happy and safe Christmas to all in the refuges”

James's wish

“Sending wishes for a peaceful Christmas and hope for the year ahead.”

Paula's wish

“I hope that your family can enjoy their time together without the fear of someone hurting them at Christmas time and forever after.”

Cherry's wish

“You are not alone. I was where you are now and I am happy and safe. I wish the same for you.”

Kyle's wish

“I hope you find your voice and regain your confidence. You can be you again.”
A mother and child sat on the floor in front of a Christmas tree making a gingerbread house. Their expresions are of concentration. The boy has blonde hair and is wearing a red T shirt. He places hi hand on the right side of the cake. The woman has ong blonde hair in a ponytail and wears a blue long sleeve top. She is placing a piece of the cake to the left hand side.

Thank you

The money raised from your virtual gift goes directly towards our support services for adults, children and young people affected by domestic abuse in East Kent, Medway and North Kent.

This includes one-to-one support, refuge, safe accommodation, group programmes and mentoring, as well as sustaining our helpline and one-stop-shop virtual and in-person drop-in centres.

Your gift literally goes towards saving lives, and we’re so grateful.