Meet Sharon who helps run group programmes

Hello, I am working as a volunteer here at Oasis on a Thursday to help with Freedom Programme, calling people who have been referred and facilitating the Freedom Programme courses.

My background is in nursing, midwifery, practice nursing and health visiting. I have worked for the NHS for thirty-seven years and I continue to work three days a week as a practice nurse for patients age 75 years and over to help reduce Accident & Emergency admissions, safeguard vulnerable adults, do personalised care plans and to liaise with other agencies, for example, palliative care team, social services, intermediate care team and other specialist services.

My interest in working with clients/patients who have been victims of domestic abuse stems from working with victims during my nursing career which led me to do my dissertation on it as a student health visitor. I worked as a health visitor (Domestic Abuse Lead) in Thanet for 4+ years.

I have a variety of outside interests for example; ballroom and latin dancing (which I started when I was 26 and I’m now learning the man’s step due to a shortage of men who do this type of dance!). I enjoy singing, role play and going to the theatre and I joined Ramsgate operatic society.

If there is any time left I’m learning to play the saxophone.....although this needs working on! My ambition is to learn to play one instrument really well and maybe to write a book.