Oasis has helped thousands of people 

Since opening a refuge in 1994 we have supported thousands of people through our services. Here are some of their stories.


Melissa shares her Christmas at Oasis

I lived in the Oasis refuge at Christmas a couple of years ago. It was a really hard time for me, I had moved away from family and had lost touch with friends whilst I was with my husband. But, at the same time, to be in such a caring atmosphere was amazing.


Sam's Story

At Oasis we don’t receive any statutory funding for our work with children and young people – and yet we know that this work is essential if we are to reduce the harm caused to individuals, to families and to society by domestic abuse.

Sam* was referred in July 2015 by Early Help and Preventative Services. He had been witness and victim to domestic abuse between his mother and father until he was seven years old when his parents separated. Sam has contact with his father and witnesses his anger and attempts to continue to control the family. Sam struggles with his anger and the referral states that Sam's mother was worried he would hurt her.


June's Story

My husband used to be very controlling and manipulative. He would over dose and say he was going to kill himself. He would accuse me of affairs, he accused me of sleeping with one of my female friends and a lifelong family friend. He would lock me up in the house and take away my phone.

I had tried to leave before, I spent two days at a friend’s house and I went back to him that is the difference with Oasis, it is the support you get and the people you meet who really help to keep you here and let you know what you are doing is right.


Annette's Story

I met my ex-partner through a friend. We dated for 2 years and everything was fine. We finally decided to move in together and I shortly fell pregnant. When I was 3 months pregnant the physical abuse started. I can remember a time when he attacked me concentrating on hitting my head. I was covered in bruises. Time seemed to stop still and an hour would fell like days. I tried to stay strong and carry on with looking after his children from other relationships while trying to protect my unborn child, I tried to leave a few times but he would say that he had changed and persuade me to come back home, which I did because I loved him. 

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