This page is full of resources and activities for working with young people that you can download. This is an ongoing project with new resources regularly being added.

Love Shouldn't Hurt Toolkit

This is a toolkit that explores relationships - there are youtube videos to watch and discuss. Our work with young people carries the message that love shouldn't hurt, you can contact us for supplies of our LSH bracelets. 

East Kent College Students after a Love Shouldn't Hurt workshop run by Oasis

East Kent College Students after a Love Shouldn't Hurt workshop run by Oasis

These films were made by the young people of East Kent College and has been funded by Thanet Community Safety Partnership.

Get in touch if you would like to talk to us about working with your school or community group. We can support you with classroom learning, and as part of the Kent Domestic Abuse Consortium we are offering the Tender relationships programme in schools, empowering young people to take responsible choices, and to think about relationships in a mature and safety-conscious way. 

The Traffic Light Exercise  

This is an exercise that can be done with groups of young people, it facilitates conversation allowing young people to explore different types of relationship and look at the difference between what is healthy, unhealthy and abusive. 

You can use this traffic light exercise to facilitate conversation about what makes relationships unhealthy, letting young people discuss different scenarios and gauging the ideas and reactions of their peers. 

These exercises can be downloaded but please credit Oasis when you do! 

Traffic Light Exercise - Part One

Traffic Light Exercise - Part Two

Traffic Light Exercise - Part Three

Want to start talking about consent?

We love this video made by Blue Seat Studios - what could be simpler than tea? 

This video offers a really easy way to start the conversation about sex and consent. A bit of humor, some stick figures and a metaphor makes the subject really accessible. 

Gender Stereotype Exercise

The following resource looks at Gender Stereotypes and their historical influences in art and religion. If you want to look at what gender stereotypes are and how they affect individuals and societies this exercise is a good starting point. 

Download the Gender Stereotype Exercise. 

The Genderbread Person 

This infographic from is a really easy way to start talking about gender - the visual scales clearly differentiate between gender identity, gender expression, sex and orientation. It can be an invaluable tool when approaching a subject that people can feel out of their depth discussing.