A Year of Celebration

On the 12th September in our weekly Support Group we celebrated Rosh Hashanah the Jewish New year. We made marzipan fruits and had an enormous feast of sweet foods including hot apple pie & cream, cupcakes, chocolate biscuits & apples dipped in honey.  

At the end of the morning we all walked to the sea front blowing our Shorfa (Rams trumpet horn) and then we threw breadcrumbs into the sea. This symbolises throwing out your sins but we threw away our worries.  

This event is another of our 'Year of Celebration' events celebrating cultural and religious festivals at our Support Group. Thank you to KCC members Councillors Emma Dawson and Lesley Game for this grant enabling us to offer our clients the chance to share their beliefs and traditions. 

Belinda Rosh Hashanah2.jpg