Oasis Celebrates Eid

Yesterday's support group was amazing. We started the morning with a taster session of meditation, after finding a safe quite space the group really enjoyed it and want the instructor to come back regularly!! After the meditation we got into the kitchen, preparing for our Eid celebration.

The support group, our refuge residents and staff got together in the dining room. One of our peer mentors brought her famous pakoras, we had biryani, samosas, quiches, salads, Gambian curries and mashed potatoes. As you can see we put on quite the spread. Three members of the support group dressed in their traditional dress the colours in their clothes were amazing.  One member of the group completed henna on everyone that wanted it done.

Every child was given a small bag of new coins as it is the tradition that all children receive new coins at Eid.

Oasis celebrates six religious festivals to celebrate in the refuge each year. It's a way to learn about different cultures, but more importantly, it's really fun and we get to share things that are important to us.

We are already looking forward to Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year in September.