Eid at the Oasis Support Group

Eid begins with at the sighting of the new crescent moon. This can vary quite a bit but the first sighting was around the 14th &15th of June. The celebration can go on for up to 3days.  This festival follows a period of fasting called Ramadan, where Muslims spend a month fasting between sunrise and sunset. Today was the closest date we could celebrate at the support group. 

The general rule at the festival of Eid is that the food is very sweet, very rich & a treat.

Eid is usually when people pray at the mosque before spending time with family and friends. Gifts of new money are given to the children & people feast together & wear new clothes.

New coins were given to all the children of members of the support group.

new money for the children Oasis Eid

Having new clothes is a tradition for Eid & they are often very colourful and bright, men often wear white during this celebration.

An ex-residents niece attended the support group to perform henna on everyone, her creations were beautiful.

We had a wonderful festival of food cooked by a Peer mentor & a resident. It was really special to celebrate together - as a group we love to share our traditions and learn about new things.