Oasis celebrates Rosh Hashanah

The Support Group had a wonderful time yesterday, celebrating Rosh Hashanah- the Jewish New Year.

We spent the morning learning about Jewish traditions during this time of celebration, and shared sweet cakes and biscuits as well as apple pie. The Support Group and their children particularly enjoyed eating apples dipped in honey.

apples and honey.png

After the Support Group had ended for the day, staff, volunteers, and the women and children went down to the beach to throw breadcrumbs into the sea, symbolising the end of an old year, and the new beginnings before them. The highlight of the day was blowing a ‘shofar’ horn all the way down to the beach, which both the children AND staff members really enjoyed!

hands casting breadcrumbs cropped for social media.png

We will be learning about Diwali in October, and are looking forward to joining in the celebrations for this exciting festival.

Oasis wishes Shanah Tovah to everyone!