Oasis Sports Day!

Our Peer Mentors arranged for Sports Day to take place a few weeks ago, as part of the programme of Peer Mentor Summer Events, designed to give our residents and their children the chance to get active, explore Thanet, and most importantly, have some fun! 

Our guest blogger, Natasha Vignon, has written about the experience, for both the residents and the Peer Mentors: 

Bucket and spade.jpg

The sunny skies were the perfect match for the atmosphere of Oasis’ sports day event.

The event, made to bring a community together, gave the children an chance to play games such as rounders and Connect Four under the sunshine in the park whilst sparking the opportunity for the residents to come together and spend time with other residents who may be going through the same issues as them.

Sat along the big green in the park, the children were feeling animated as they played Hook-a-Duck before all jumping up to race against each other in the sprint and the egg & spoon race. Meanwhile the mums got a chance to bond and create new friendships with each other over a cream bun.

One peer mentor said that the occasion could be used as a distraction from their day-to-day struggles, whilst another said that the event would provide the residents with a “safe, good time.”

“Today shows the women that they’re not alone.”