Healthy relationship workshops delivered free by Oasis - has your school signed up?

Oasis aspires to a world free from abusive relationships; this is a vision that we have been working towards for the last 22 years. A million children in Britain are affected by domestic violence, either as victims or witnesses; we believe that education is the only way of stopping the cycle.

What is Tender?

Tender represents a proactive, preventative model that lets young people know that there are services available to help if they have experienced abuse in the home or their own relationships and what to do if they encounter it.

Oasis is offering a free 10 hour programme for children in Year 8, 9 and 10 (12-16 years old) that uses drama to teach young people about domestic abuse, improve their resilience and enable them to seek help if they need to. 

What will we learn?

Interactive learning techniques that utilise scripts, short films and photography with discussion based activities talk about;

East Kent College Students at our AGM

East Kent College Students at our AGM

  • identifying the early signs of an unhealthy relationship

  • how early signs escalate

  • defining domestic abuse

  •  the culture of victim blaming and perpetrator excusing

  • gender stereotypes

  •  how to identify the support that is available should they ever need it and how to be supportive other people

This programme can be delivered across 5 or 10 weeks – all you need to provide are the students and a room. It is delivered completely free by experienced professionals.

Yes Please!

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Find out more about abuse in teenage relationships

Educational attainment is really affected by domestic violence – there is lots on information on supporting the needs of young people affected by violence in this report

Find out more about the impact and prevalence of this abuse from the NSPCC

Making Referrals 

If you'd like some advice as a professional or as someone who has been affected by abuse you can always ring our helpline on 07926 842183 or email You'll find referral forms and info about our young peoples services here