Giving Gifts  

We are really grateful for items from individuals, groups and businesses which are new or in good condition, such as toiletries, toys, towels, prams, blankets, clothes for women, children and babies.

Furniture can be useful for families that are resettling but unfortunately we can’t always accept it due to a shortage of storage space.

You can drop off donations for the refuge at The Oasis Shop, 170 Northdown Rd, Margate, CT9 2QN. If you are unable to drop off the items we might be able to collect them. 

If you require further information about in-kind donations, contact the fundraising team on

We have highlighted some products on this page that are always really needed. 

Our Amazon Wish List has more of the items that we need – from toiletries and kitchen items to Christmas decorations. By using this you can send the refuge items that will make a difference and help Oasis save money to put towards rebuilding lives.